The lovely Midu has tagged me for a fun blogger award and though I've missed my own promised deadline to play along, I'm dedicating the next 15 minutes to her thoughtfulness! (And hiding from my family - I've fed them, so maybe I can get through this...HA!)



The Rules:

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  • Answer the questions.
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  • Ask them 3 questions.

Midu's Questions:


1- Which book/genre brought you to reading? What was it in that book/genre that captured your imagination and attention?

I came up with three different books/authors that really hooked me into reading at varying stages of my youth and at first I couldn't tell you that they related to each other at all. Upon reflection however, I think that they do all have a little common thread. They're all really freaking weird.


Apparently, freaking weird is what captured my attention.


First is a book that probably is only known to a certain set - kids who grew up in the 80's, perhaps? Sideways Stories from Wayside School by Louis Sachar. This children's book is a compilation of stories about all the kids who have class on the thirtieth floor of a school that was built vertically instead of horizontally by mistake. The thirtieth floor is the weirdest. The teacher is the stuff of nightmares (she turns naughty kids into apples and eats them) and the class is full of students with strange abilities. There are no morals to the story or higher thinking to be had with this book...unless the lesson is to behave or be digested. I do remember it to be humorous, but the crazy is what sticks

with me.


sideways stories from wayside school


The second book that I remember really grabbing me and consequently had me begging to go to the library for more, was Dean Koontz's Cold Fire. This book had supernatural/suspense/mystery elements all woven together but what I remember most was that it was INTENSE. I remember finishing it at bedtime and laying in bed staring at the ceiling wondering how I was ever going to sleep again. But it is weird. It's Koontz and isn't his early stuff (and Odd Thomas) synonymous with weird?





Lastly, and it pains me a little bit to admit this, I went through a V.C. Andrews phase. I read a lot of them. They were...salacious is probably a good word here and wrong and I somehow devoured a great many of them before some adult had enough sense to quit buying them for me. They get the weird tag too - any other with a preoccupation with incest (it appears in more than one series) gets the weird tag.



Ruby - V.C. Andrews  Dawn - V.C. Andrews,Andrew Neiderman  Heaven - V.C. Andrews  





(Ruby, the Landry series, was my favorite and introduced me and led to my fascination to the Bayou).



2- Which book can/have you re-read multiple times? What was in that book that had such an impact on you?


The Last Days of Summer is my favorite book and I've read it several times. It's an epistolary novel, done very well. It's a coming of age story against a background of baseball and the second World War. It's hilarious, moving, and really just makes me believe the resiliency of people, the importance of love and laughter, the desire to do good things in our world, every time I read it.



the last days of summer



3- Is there a genre that you loved while younger but grew out of love with as you got older? Which is it and what made you give it up?


Thankfully, this hasn't happened to me. I hope it never will. I have noticed that I take an overall wide berth around literary fiction, much more so than I used to...I sort of tire easily at the emotional manipulation that I've experienced reading them and wondered if the entire genre is just aiming to depress me. But I won't count it out, I'll still read one or two a year, though mostly on recommendation. My current Lit Fic read is Empire Falls by Richard Russo...and it's been languishing on my nightstand for months at something like two chapters in...but I won't let it defeat me.


Empire Falls



I had a lot of fun going down memory lane a bit here, so while I'm not going to tag any one specifically...feel free to share the answers to my questions on your blog or in the comments - my inquiring mind wants to know! :)




My Questions:



1.) Was there a book that you ever had to 'hide' to keep from people discovering that you were reading it - whether from a parent because it was forbidden, or because you were simply embarrassed, or whatever! -What was it? (I read V.C. Andrews - clearly, I have no shame and we're all book lovers here, this is a safe place.)


2.) What is your favorite book to movie? You have to be a fan of both. Share why you liked both.


3.) What book do you recommend to everyone that will listen?



Thanks for reading all, and I hope to read your answers somewhere! :)