The Howling - Gary Brandner

The amount of pages made me do it.













For my werewolf book on this Halloween Bingo adventure, I had a three options sitting on my shelf for consideration:


The Howling - Gary Brandner  The Wolfen - Whitley Strieber  The Nightwalker - Thomas Tessier  


For lack of better option, I choose The Howling simply because it was slightly shorter than the other two. I'm not necessarily afraid of reading this stuff, but let's face it, the less throat-ripping gore the better.


In a nutshell, I'm glad it's over. While the writing was technically sound and the pacing was excellent (at 200 some odd pages, this is a one night-er), I just hated what happened. The prologue opens with a lore about a werewolf village in some European town hundreds of years ago, which basically tells you exactly where the book is going. Right off the bat, the main character is raped (somewhat graphically) which is the basis for her motivation to move with her husband to Werewolfville, USA.


Oops. Did I say too much? I meant, they moved to a quaint, deserted and dying town. Everyone wants to move there, and why not? It's on the edge of nowhere, next to the dark forest of nightmares, in a town where the few people that live there are creepy AF. Sounds rejuvenating.


Anyway. Karyn (wife) can't sleep because of the howling at night, their dog disappears, her anxiety gets worse, Roy (husband) becomes attracted to a crazy lady in town and basically succumbs to her wolf-y lures (in no less than three graphic and sexually explicit scenes) and I wasn't even scared.


No payoff for me, it opens distastefully and ends anticlimactically with the big twist being that there wasn't just ONE werewolf but a whole town of them. Umm...I understand foreshadowing there, Gary. Nice try though.