The Murder of Roger Ackroyd - Agatha Christie

In brief:


What fun! I expect The Queen of Mystery to be great, but I was surprised about how much I enjoyed this one. I've read a Christie standalone and a couple of Miss Marple's but this was my first Poirot. This one had some humor that made me chuckle, Poirot was a bit more charming than Marple (in my opinion) and overall, I was more entertained. I know that funny, charming, and entertaining is probably not what one goes for when writing a murder mystery, but there you go. To even it out a bit, I will say that the final meeting where the truth comes out is chilling. 


I apparently didn't use my "little grey cells" to the best of my ability because I wasn't even close to solving this one.


I'm looking forward to reading more Poirot - his vain brilliance and somewhat frustrating habit of making you feel like the biggest moron for having not seen it right from the beginning is strangely alluring. How could I not read on...I wonder if reading him in order has a strong benefit?