The Grave - Charles L. Grant

The cover blurb for this book (on my edition anyway) is from Stephen King. He says:


"Jolting Terror...Scary, Dreamlike, Wonderful."


I will give him dreamlike. As in, this book, like your dreams, is entirely devoid of plot.


There was an effort towards a creeping, moody build to the last ten pages. Until that point, I sort of enjoyed what was happening but never really could figure out what was happening? I assumed that it would all be made clear. When those final pages hit, I was just sort of underwhelmed with the conclusion. I needed him to tie all the threads together and that didn't happen. 


Josh Miller, a pop archeologist (which sounds like the coolest profession, btw) is being watched. As things get weirder in his hometown and his nightmares become more real, he finally becomes convinced that he's been chosen by sinister supernatural forces and it's a race to find out why before it's too late for him and those he loves. 


My main problem is that no less than four fairly significant plot points are either forgotten, unresolved, or unexplained - and that really takes the shiver out of any tension that was built. The writing for effect just feels like a ruse, a facade to get you to the weak ending. Blah.


This is apparently one of the many books Grant wrote in a series about a fictional New England town called Oxrun. They stand on their own, but I don't think I'll be trying any others.