Your Wicked Heart - Meredith Duran

 Pretty good little story. I think everything I have to say is more in critique rather than praise, so I'll just put it out there now that I did enjoy this book and would happily lend it - for my money, it was worth the .99 that I spent.

The premise of identity theft during this era was quite ingenious and I thought that was great fun...unfortunately I felt like there missed opportunities within the these pages. The pacing suffered, there were too few H/h scenes and a ton of exposition that was repetitive.

It seems I'm in the minority around what I liked about Your Wicked Heart. I didn't really connect with the characters due to lack of polish, perhaps because it was more of a full length book in story but crammed into a novella. However, I enjoyed Lord Ripton quite a bit as an eccentric. His attempt at dry humor was sly. It was interesting to read his quips and realize "oh, he's being funny!". When he got into his more unattractive name calling snits, I felt it was a bit deserved. Calling Miss Thomas an idiot, for example, seemed appropriate. Amanda Thomas was too simpering for my taste. Although there was a real effort to paint her as a woman embarking on a courageous journey to free herself, I found her interactions with Lord Ripton to be less than. She reminded me of a child stomping her foot in protestation to some of Lord Ripton's more exasperating moments. She needed more time to really become believable.

I felt like the HEA was a bit rushed (again, it was tough to fit these people into a novella, have I said that enough times yet?), but I do love a good grovel and perfect forgiveness.

More than likely I'll read the next "Rules for the Reckless"...and hopefully I'll understand how this story fits into that series title and into the next story because I'm scratching my head about that right now...