Bared to You - Sylvia Day

 I'm going to date myself a bit here...

You remember in the 80's when Transformers came out, and approximately a bjillion knock-offs were created in the wake of its success? The crappy knock-offs were never as cool and amounted to a flimsy & cheap imitation of the real thing -- but it made someone a buck.

Remember Jem (as in Jem and the Holograms)? Remember Jem dolls? A super legit upgrade to the Barbie (okay, a bit of an exaggeration but seriously Jem rocked...literally). She came on the scene and gave Barbie the finger. Not only did she have real talent, but she looked better in a mini skirt too. And if I remember right, she was taller.

Bared to You is like Jem in a way. It's a better version of that other wildly popular book about a high power, wealthy, beautiful Dom needing some love healing. But it's also like all those Transformers knock-offs in a way too, because it's a bit cheap.

I can't really say that I hold it against the publisher or Sylvia Day or anyone else involved for re-working an already told story and making it better. People do that all the time. And certainly readers downright asked, nay begged, for it - there are probably thousands of reviews out there that say of those other books, "the writing is horrible! Atrocious!" but yet they still plugged through all three volumes. I did.

It's just that, well, it's kind of a cop-out. And probably a bit too soon. And maybe just a bit too similar too.

For me, most of the book was a brain exercise. I kept wondering when Christian, err, Gideon was going to break out the whip, when Eva, who I kept wanting to refer to as Bella instead of Ana (sill with me?) was going to forget her pill, and when Cary was going to confess his undying love.

Luckily, none of that happened. Fortunately, all the players in this book were refreshingly well written, interesting and smart. Well, aside from Cary who is a sex addict. Seriously dude, can't you keep it in your pants?

So I liked this book. Well, that's not completely honest. I like this book INFINITELY BETTER than that other book. But how do I rate it? Will I own it? No. Will I re-read it? Probably not. Did it blow my socks off? Not really. (well, that's a lie, some of the sex was pretty devastating). So WHAT DO I DO?

I'll probably just do the cop out thing myself and give it 3 stars. I'm tired of thinking about it.