Her Cowboy Dilemma - C.J. Carmichael
Heck and DarnThis had all the trappings of greatness I think, but fell just a little short. I really like that 'grow into love' trope where the characters have known each other a long time. Cassidy grew up with Farley knocking around with her brothers and seemed to admire him. If more history between the two was revealed (particularly after Farley realized his attraction to Cass), maybe I would have felt differently. I liked them together and I liked them separately as characters, I just didn't totally get that they were falling in love or were in love, like at all.Not to say that it wasn't worth the read, there were some tender moments amd moments when you want to punch Cass's mom in the face (did I just say that?). We also still have the entire mystery surrounding Maddie and Jackson and (now) Vince that needs to be unraveled. AND, I did connect with that damn horse. I may have gotten a little choked up at one point, so the story did pull some emotion out of me.It's been so dreary and oppressive weather wise around here lately that this book definitely had me longing from some Montana skies; big, open, sunny Montana skies.