How to Misbehave - Ruthie Knox

 What do you read when you feel like your last days on this earth are quickly approaching? You need something happy and blissful, uncomplicated and in very simple language because your vision is blurring and you have a tendency to fall asleep every third page. And short in length, you don't have much time left after all. (I'm being just a bit over dramatic, I just had the flu -- I felt like I was dying but that could be because I'm a giantic pansy)

Answer? A Ruthie Knox novella!

I'd heard of Ruthie Knox. About Last Night was all over the stratosphere last summer. I just couldn't get my hands on it and eventually took it off my to-read list. So after rejecting all other books on my kindle, on my bookshelf and at the library because they were too taxing on my wilting brain, I found this little gem.

It's about what you'd expect for a fluffy romance, complete with a smidge of unrealistic love-healing of a pretty weighty problem. In fact, I was pretty much thinking I should add all of Ruthie Knox's work to my to-read shelf with all the great dialogue and quickly paced action UNTIL that

(view spoiler)["I forgive you Tony" (hide spoiler)]

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part. Not that I won't read her other stuff now, it just knocked down the overall stars a bit.