Lord of Scoundrels  - Loretta Chase

Five stars and a spot on my favorite shelf because Jessica's character was simply everything.

 When she shot Dain I thought I was going to fall out of my chair. That was simply the smartest, most interesting, absolutely gutsy and brazen thing that I have read about a heroine. I actually have a crush on Jessica I think

(show spoiler)


I found so much of this book delightful. Dain and his 'high-strung' quips (there were many of them) were just too fun. I wish I had the book here to quote, but one of my favorite tid-bits was when Jessica was hugging him for doing the right thing and he says "Get off me Jessica". His crazy conclusions are met with the same bluntness from Jessica and they both just really compliment eachother.

There are many times in these "tortured soul" plots that the heroine 'changes' the hero by just being sweet and loving and caring, culminating to the point of the hero confessing his undying love and being forever changed. The very fact that this was not the case in this book was what made it so completely beautiful.

So glad I picked up this book and will be looking for a copy of my own to add to my collection.