An Introduction to Pleasure (Mistress Matchmaker, #1) - Jess Michaels

You know, this read just wasn't for me.

The best thing I can say about this book is that the blurb is really good. After all, the book blurb is how this book landed on my Kindle, I bought it.

Unfortunately, An Introduction to Pleasure does not live up to the potential that I saw in the blurb.

I thought it would be interesting to read about someone’s fictitious journey to becoming a mistress - I imagined it rife with scandal and humor and heartbreaking circumstances. Coy looks and naughty grins and lots of 'teaching'. Nope.

Just sad little characters whose HEA gets wrapped up in a nice little package that is both boring and predictable.

(This is where you should go read the book blurb, I'm not going to bother rehashing the who's and what's at this point...)

Lysandra is not a character that I like. I wanted someone who was brave and bold, a woman who was going to take charge of her life even when it meant making tough choices. What we got in Lysandra was a whiny, simpering woman who cried and begged when her only option was to be paid for sex. Ummm, no.

Because she's the weakest character ever, she can't even properly become a mistress without being 'broken in' first. Enter Andrew, Viscount Callis.

He's got issues. They're not terribly creative issues, so I'll spare you the details.

My biggest gripe is that Lysandra constantly wonders why she's not connecting with Andrew in ways other than sex...Here's a telling line:

"Sex had always been the one thing that bound them, but tonight she felt Andrew pull away from her. Use sex as a way to separate himself, not mold himself to her."

wait for it...

*'re 'training' to be a mistress...not even *his* mistress. He's not courting you or wedding you. As a mistress, that’s not something you should expect with any protector...FYI...*

Also, this is occurring to Lysandra after her third(?), maybe fourth, experience with Andrew. They've known each other a week. I have a hard time w/ 'always been'.

For this, I felt like Jess Michaels may have gotten lost a bit in the story she was trying to tell. Either that or she meant to write a character that was monumentally stupid/overwhelmingly melodramatic.

Honestly, I only really read about 48%. I skimmed through the last half to see if the 'horrible' thing that happened to Viscount Callis was more interesting than what it seemed to be. Nope.

Perhaps I should stop here.

Maybe one last thing.

The sex was boring. Probably because the characters were boring and I felt no connection to them at all. (Why does Andrew like Lysandra so much again? She's soooo annoying)

That's it.

Okay, one more thing. And this could be somewhat of a compliment!

I was originally frustrated by the name "Lysandra" - it doesn't particularly roll of the tongue and is kind of weird matched with "Andrew". I thought that it might even be a feminine version of Andrew. I was wrong.

Lysandra is a Greek name meaning 'Freeing a man'.

Huh. At least that seems appropriate.

I won't be continuing on the "Mistress Matchmaker" journey.