Rock Hard - Olivia Cunning

 ** spoiler alert ** **This is long and rambly, mostly because I didn't even care enough to edit.

This is the story of Sed (amazing lead singer to a mega-hit band at the top of their game) and Jessica (the 'one that got away'). They reunite under interesting circumstances and then...*snooze*...
*YAAAAAAAWN*...oh, who the eff cares. I didn't.

Sed is gross, and boring, and a jackleg. Also, a laughable lyricist. In other words, far from convincing as someone worth Jessica's time. Jessica is stupid. I don't know how she managed to get top grades towards a law-degree but decides that working at strip club would not harm her career, so yeah, I guess she's too short-sighted to see that leaving Sed was a good decision. Althought throwing a tantrum, throwing your ring, and storming out of someone's life without one look back (after just getting engaged?) seems like a pretty immature thing to do as well, so, you tell me folks - lawyer material? I think not.

This whole book was just a laughable joke.

The storyline is both predictable and boring and borderline inappropriate. HOW does anyone get all hot and bothered while reading about a very tragic and horrifying brain injury? Sed is so broken up over Trey that he has to spend his time doing the longest (most unbelievable, and not in a good way, like truly unbelievable - most men need recovery time for the second shot...let's not get into how he does it 3 and 4 times in one session) sexcapades ever with his supposedly best-friend-like-better-than-family bandmate in critical? Really? The hospital scenes were just painful.

The only good moment in the entire book was when Trey hooks his fingers into Brian's jeans for comfort before his surgery. That was sweet and the kind of connection that I look for in my characters.

I started reading the next one to see if Olivia Cunning gets back to her Backstage Pass magic, but I fear it's not going well...