Her Mad Hatter - Marie Hall

Good, fun, quick read.

The most developed (and delicious) part of Her Mad Hatter is the Mad Hatters madness. Nicely woven into the story, Marie Hall attempts successfully to make insanity sexy. I don't really know how she did it. I for one am not a fangirl of Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland, I mean, he's fine and blah blah, but he certainly doesn't have me bothered. This interpretation is mentioned in the the book btw, but I tried to shove that from my mind (I didn't want Hatter to have creep meme cat eyes in my brain).

Hall's re-working of an overly worked piece of fiction was well imagined, even if it was short and missing several characters, places, etc. This is fine as we've seen this story so many times already. I was so pleased not to deal with the Red Queen, Tweedle Dee, etc.

I was delighted by the focus of the story as it didn't meander and allowed me to keep turning the pages. I just wish it was a bit longer, with more dialogue and prolonged character interaction. I never really connected with Alice and felt that Godmother had more to do.

4 stars for a great little self pub and first book I've read by Marie Hall :)