Pleasure Unbound (Demonica, #1) - Larissa Ione

 Two mature adults, talking about a book – we don’t really need to name names do we? Let’s just call them D & C.
D: Whatcha reading?

C: (C,engrossed in kindle) Ummm...Pleasure Unbound

D: Oh, that kind of book…

C: (absently) It’s not like that.

D: What? They’re not just doin’ it all the time?

C: Well...(C stops reading and looks at D, trying to come up with some way of explaning the awesomeness of Pleasure Unbound because it's hot and funny and interesting and well, smokin' hot, as quickly as possible so that she can get back to reading) It’s not about that entirely, it's good all around…

D: Oooh, how do you do the all around?

C: nevermind.