Ruthless - Anne Stuart

 There are a lot of things going on in this book that I feel many readers would not enjoy:

1.) The Hero, Francis Rohan, is 39 years old, with silver streaked hair.
2.) Francis is more of a villain than a hero.
3.) The anti-Christianity slant will get some boos, to be light. There are many times when they speak about not believing in God, and the Heavenly Host premise is forward, plain blasphemy. This, by the way, is wholly necessary to be authentic.

I am not one of those aforementioned readers however, I happened to love all those things. I pretty much devoured this book.

Silver streaked hair tied in a que? Be still my heart (hey, to each his own!). Villainous Francis? I was so happy that Francis didn't reform and that Elinors feelings toward him were insanely complicated! I was pleased that I didn't have to weave through a big emotional reveal, given both of their pasts, I can get why they are what they are without being told. Kudos to Ann Stuart for trusting her reader.

My one ginormous disappointment was the ending. When I turned the last page and saw the lack of epilogue I was deflated. I read 412 pages of near misery, I want to be rewarded with more than a few paragraphs of happiness! There were so many times while reading Ruthless that I thought, for sure, this would be on my favorites shelf. However, with the lack of a satisfactory (or least an end coupling!? He's the King of Hell for cripes sake!) ending, I found myself not wanting to invest in the next story for fear it would do the same least I'll go in prepared.

P.S. This is not to say that there isn't an HEA, there is...I just wanted more!!

P.P.S There is hardly any coupling in this book, for those who may be scared away by the "erotica" shelving. It's erotica in the loosest way, as in the story itself in a way centers around sex, but no one is actually having much.