Board Resolution (Knights of the Board Room, #1) - Joey W. Hill

 There's something a Joey Hill's writing I love. This is the second book I've read from her in as many days...but there's something missing for me too.

And it feels a little bi-polar.

There are times when everything is going along as you want it, and you're right there with the characters, emotionally involved, rooting for them.

Then, without warning, it delves into the very extreme, perhaps a bit fantastical, and not altogether satisfying.

I found contentment with the HEA on in Board Resolution, which was missing for me in Holding The Cards, but I still sit here wondering what I really thought of book. There was a real effort for us to get to know the other 'Knights of the Board Room', but I really didn't care about them too much...I mean, all I wanted to read about was Matt & Savannah and instead we were constantly sidetracked and for what purpose? I hate to be cynical and say it was so that we'd pick up the next stories in the series, but really, it felt like that.

(view spoiler)[P.S. The beginning was a little WTF for me to give this 3 stars...I wasn't sure I could get into it with all the physical fighting. I think she draws blood 3 times in a matter of minutes fighting him off, just, no. (hide spoiler)]

(show spoiler)