Sinful - Charlotte Featherstone

 To each his own...

I have no idea why this is so highly rated. I felt very cheated and terribly hurt by this ending. Too achy. The extra epilogue that you can get for free really did very little to improve matters. To me, it's not a part of the book, it's extra content to make the horrible ending of the book 'okay'.

I've never seen a book in this genre end so unsatisfactorily.

(view spoiler)[I just can't get over any part of his marriage to Constance. So many aspects were totally unnecessary and felt like the author just stuck it in there to add further torture and sacrifice. I'm just bitter because I had to read about our hero consummating his marriage to someone he (and the reader) hates, unecessarily!! No heir was needed to even meet the end goal, at least not by Constance!

Additionally, I don't understand a physical need so great that you'd screw your hated step mother. A lot, many many times. And don't try to tell me it was *whispers* rape, when he all but admits that he was agreeable. Just, eww.
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