Switch - Megan Hart

Jason Mraz has this song out...most everyone's heard it, it's played all the time. I kind of love it because it makes me melt like the uber-romantic dreamer jelly that I am. How could one not when listening to a man pouring his heart out in song about how he will never give up, he'll give her the space that she needs, and he knows they're worth it? Seriously.

This book is kind of worthy of those lyrics.

At the heart of it, this book has little to do with a love story between Paige and Austin. It's all about Paige's self-realization. This 'self-realization' is actually a little confusing to me. Does she like to make lists or follow lists given to her? Does she need to control or be controlled? I don't know that that question is ever answered. So the 'heart' of the book was a little less interesting to me as it was intended to be I believe.

I was however, very interested in Austin. Not that I was attracted to Austin. Heck, I'm not even sure I liked Paige or Austin as characters. But I was taken with his determination and, though it was a slow reveal, his love for Paige. Honest to God, there was a part at the end that made my heart skip a beat ---->

(view spoiler)[ when he revealed he owned that company - total swoon worthy moment (hide spoiler)].

(show spoiler)

And over all, their journey back together was the best, most captivating thing I have read in a while. I sat down and read this entire book in one sitting.

One of the most surprising things about this book for me, being that it was the first Megan Hart novel I've read, was that the dialogue was so good. Very subtle, real. And the thread of emotion throughout was very moving and deep. And I've read this wasn't her best effort...makes me want to pick up another of her books.

The downside to this book, as I mentioned above, is that I really didn't like Paige or Austin as characters. I certainly was sucked in and wanted desperately for their HEA, but they were a bit too rough around the edges for me to fall in love with them as characters. Additionally, the ending felt rushed and the situation with her mom felt very unnecessary. I have no clue what happened with Eric or really what Paige's intention was there...and really I didn't care which shows a weakness in and of itself since his storyline is half the book!

Overall I quite enjoyed and was surprised...the surprise factor is probably why I gave such a heap of stars, but they're deserved nonetheless