The Stranger I Married - Sylvia Day

Sylvia Day is ridiculously easy to read. She has a superb sense of flow between character interactions, between scenes, and between points of view. There's never really a good stopping point, you just want to keep reading. A lull is hard to find.

I chuckled a couple of times while reading The Stranger I Married. Pel, Lady Grayson, was both witty, intelligent and somewhat brave. Her interactions with Gray are steamy and smart. Both were well thought out characters. I just didn't really happen to like them very much and for me their romance paled just a bit in comparison with the very small sub-romance of Trenton and Abby. I would have loved a whole book of those just those two -- they were seemingly more worthy of the page.

It was quick read, somewhat enjoyable (mostly because I didn't dig the beginning of their relationship, it's a bit...sticky) loaded with tons of steam. A nice piece of escapism.