Surrender to Me - Shayla Black

I keep hoping that one of these later Wicked Lovers books will hold the same magic that "Wicked Ties" did...unfortunately, I am once again disappointed after reading "Surrender to Me". After seeing Hunter from afar in Deke and Luc's stories, I was eager and willing to learn more about him. I am into the silent, brooding, controlling type...sadly, he's really only controlling once we peel back those layers. He has a penchant for being a Dom based on his father and mother's dynamic. We don't really know why he's attracted to Kata, just told that there is chemistry and that its love at first sight for Hunter and expected to just believe it.

Kata had the same problem that most of the other female characters in Shayla Black's books have; a very thin, very transparent reason why they can't/won't submit or whatever that is magnified and hashed out so many times it makes your eyes cross. Yet the whole time you have to read about how it's soo good and right and they love it and blah blah blah. Maybe that is just another way of saying that this book has no plot, just a lot of hand wringing about becoming like their mother, or losing their love or whatnot. Not exactly exciting (or hot) reading.