Fate's Edge -  Ilona Andrews

  Fate's Edge did not draw me in like its predecessors On the Edge and Bayou Moon. In fact, I found the entire thing quite boring until, oh, the last 100 pages. I missed being in The Weird or The Edge where there is constant action and discovery. Unfortunately, this book almost entirely takes place in The Broken (i.e. our reality).

There was no face time with Kaldar and Audrey in the first 100 pages and then too little for the next quarter - it took me nearly the entire book to buy any chemistry between them. Couple that with the emphasis on the boys, Jack and George and an occasional PoV from multiple villains without any one really standing out as an interesting overarching character and we're left with a quite messy book. Overall, I found this book to not be as tight in story, character or plot development as their other works.

Some of the highlights of Fate s Edge were things that are indicative of Ilona Andrews imagination and world building. Their villains, Helena, Sebastian and the gang, are super brutal and very terrifying. Gotta love that. There is some fantastic dialogue, especially once we really got into the story where Kaldar and Audrey are in the same room (which was just too late in coming). We were also introduced to an older George, who quite possibly is growing into being one of their most fantastic characters yet. I sincerely hope that they continue the Edge series for the simple fact that I’d love to read about an adult George and his role in the Mirror (think CIA of the Weird, but cooler, deadlier, and darker).