Grody's Not So Golden Rules - Nicole Rubel
Grody is a bad dog. He decides to live his life based on his own rules rather than the rules of his parents, his teachers, and other sundry adults.The reader goes through each page where Grody shares one of his 'golden' rules, i.e. 'never wash your ears', 'don't listen to your teacher', etc. The pictures show him acting out these rules. After plodding through 14 pages of Grody's 'not-so golden' rules, the final page shows the consequences for all of Grody's irresponsible rules. My kindergartner really likes this book. He likes the simple 2 or 3 sentences per page that allows him to somewhat read along and he likes search through the illustrations for all the 'bad' things that Grody is doing. At the end, he matches each consequence with the naughty rule that Grody followed. It is enjoyable to hear my little reader draw his own conclusions as to how Grody behaved badly. Unfortunately, I don't particularly care for the book. I'm not a fan of the art and it's not very enlightening to trudge through all these pages of a misbehaving child. It's particularly annoying to read about Grody not following the teachers instruction. Even though the point of the book is to teach kids that there are reasons for the rules that we have in life, it's no fun to read about in this fashion. There's no joy in reading aloud all the lines when Grody is acting a brat on each page. So, 3 stars - 2 from Mom, 4 from kid.