With this Kiss: The Complete Collection - Eloisa James

 Added a star because Part One was fantastic, nearly perfect.

Part Two and Three? Messy and disjointed.

One thing that I've noticed in this series is that Eloisa James answers all problems with sex. If there's a misunderstanding? Sex! Hurt feelings? Sex! Insurmountable circumstances? Sex! A broken man's drug-induced fever dreams and a women desperate to marry her love? Fake-Dream sex in a carriage!

This is so disappointing, especially in this book where the love story is poignant and, at times, tragic.

I wish our resolution involved a little more talking before all the boinking.

(view spoiler)[This is just a personal rant, but I was so frustrated with the handling of Theo's character in this book. Theo was THE UGLY DUCHESS, a person with vast experience in not being the prettiest girl in the ballroom. She knew at an early age how to work her disadvantage to advantage and was later known to the be most elegant Lady in London. Why on her would she pile platitudes on her daughter like her own mother did, insisting that Grace is lovely when her younger sister is the very brightest shining star on the marriage mart. I expected more from her as a mother. Grace is supposidly pretty, just not as dazzling as her younger sister Lily. Still...I expected more heartfelt, introspective, important dialogue to her daughter Grace who was constantly left in the shadow of her sister because Theo knows how that feels. (hide spoiler)]

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