Beep! Beep! Peekaboo! - Dawn Sirett, Dave King, Jennifer Quasha
A lot of board books out there are crap. The thing with board books is that they have to have a good balance - exciting pictures, engaging text and 'action'. This is one of the few books that have it all...1.) The pictures are vibrant and simple. It's easy for parents to point to the picture and name the things on the page. The items on the page are recognizable to a young child. 2.) There's action on every page with the flip page to reveal the 'peekaboo' item. There's a touch and feel area on each.3.) The 'story' allows for fun inflection of the voice and asks the child questions which make it engaging for both reader and listener. I've purchased other books published by DK for these reasons, they've been worth the money.