I Love the Earl - Caroline Linden

It was good.

After reading Love and Other Scandals, I was ready to move Caroline Linden to my elite list of favorite romance authors, one which includes names like Tessa Dare, Sarah MacLean, Julie Ann Long and Lisa Kleypas.

It's not that Caroline Linden won't get there for me, but I'm calling it too soon to tell. I really enjoyed her piece in At the Duke's Wedding and thought Love and Other Scandals was amazeballs. Maybe I just expected too much from I Love the Earl? After all, it won the RITA last year...

It wasn't that there was anything wrong with this little novella. It had a quaint love story with characters that were plenty likeable. It just didn't wow me, and even for a novella, I felt it was a bit underdeveloped. Sometimes amusing situations and hilarious dialogue or scorching love scenes can make up for story development, but alas, there wasn't a lot of those things within these pages.

Furthermore, I'm not sure how this novella plays into the rest of the series? I read a bit of an excerpt from the first book in The Truth About the Duke series and was somewhat confused when it didn't mention any of the previous players...or if it did, they were old and dying?!


Hopefully it will all make sense in the end.

There is something to be said however of Miss Damson's and Lord Dowling's perserverence and fearlessness - as a people who were unafraid to sacrafice for love, they were a worthy pair to read. And it was a lovely story over all with a satisfying ending that we long for in these things.