This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress, #5) - Jeaniene Frost

 This Side of the Grave was decidedly more disjointed than the other side.

Jeaniene Frost has not failed to deliver a good read yet. With great pacing and a real genuine cast of characters (dismissing the fact that they're vampires, half-vamps, ghouls and other assundry un-dead things), I'm always drawn into their adventure.

Where previous installments hit all my reading sweet spots, this one suffered in its indecision. I was nearly bored for the first 40% of the book as Frost introduced sub-plot after sub-plot, and then the action finally started only to get stalled again before picking back up in the last 30%.

There was a lack of good dialogue or drama between characters, the biggest issue being Don's illness and Cat's inability to find a suitable food source.

(view spoiler)[The latter being introduced as a problem, and then never really re-visited or solved (hide spoiler)].

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And though every book or series has a bit of formula to them, I shuddered at how obvious Frost's formula was in This Side of the Grave.

The bright points were the conglomeration of the cast of characters and the nice little surprise at the end. I thought that it was worth the read, if only to be able to read One Grave at a Time.

(view spoiler)[Could the next be about the whispered request from Cat during one of the love scenes with Bones? Hmmm.... (hide spoiler)]

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