At the Duke's Wedding (A romance anthology) - Caroline Linden,  Katharine Ashe,  Miranda Neville,  Maya Rodale

I have thought long and hard about how to review "At the Duke's Wedding". On one hand, it seemed short, with four fabulous novellaish parts written by four brilliant lady authoresses. And yet, it was hefty weighing in at 516 pages total! That's a lot of bang (and wowie, and shazam) for my buck.

There were moments of hilarity, *sizzly* scenes and some breath taking prose.

But to really describe it I find that I have trouble keeping my brain focused in the right thoughts start meandering to phaetons, and correspondence, and lightening strikes and moonlit dips in the lake.

And I'm stuck. Those images just keep flipping through my head like one of those old-time flip books. It all makes wonderful sense when you read them all together. How'd they (the genius authoresses) do that anyway? So cleverly written, each novella supports and uplifts the next, coming together to make a charming story of four pairings finding their HEA.

Like I said, when I try to think about that too hard my mind skips to fawn colored breeches over muscular thighs...le sigh. Okay! I give up.

It's good. Read it.