Revealed - Kate Noble

 The war is over, the Frogs are intermingling with London society, and Phillipa Benning is the star of every dazzling show in the ton.

Marcus is working in the somewhat secret war office shuffling papers where he is decidedly bored. When a long dead enemy threatens to resurface, Marcus immediately embarks on a critical mission to find him.

Marcus and Phillipa happen to bump into each other along the way and the sparks, well…erm, dust flies.

My first waltz with Kate Noble was satisfying. I rarely know what to expect from a new-to-me author and this case was no different. (However, I admit to having trepidation over an espionage plot as I’m still feeling the effects of my bad experience earlier in the year *shudders*). With that said, I felt that the intrigue portion of this book was both well done and appropriately dramatic, adding a little more substance to the typical historical romance. There were some twists and revelations that I did not see coming and a dastardly villain worth booing.

The really good stuff for me included Phillipa – she was a fantastic character, witty and spectacularly catty classy (talk about an oxymoron!). I can’t even explain to you what "catty classy" is; you’ll just have to see for yourself. I adored her to pieces. (She reminded me a bit of Julie Ann Long's Cynthia in Like No Other Lover in tone...)

Aside from her wit, as her relationship with Marcus grows, then deepens, Phillipa's emotional growth is so touching that I *might* have held my breath in places. But you know? Emotional growth isn’t really the right way to explain it; it was more about the slow revelation of a person that was really beautiful.

“It’s just me.” guh

I think Kate Noble’s website titles her work as ‘deeply romantic’. I couldn’t agree more. Revealed hit all my sweet spots – it was witty, had great dialogue, interesting characters and pleasing, steamy scenes.