Lover Be Mine - Nicole Jordan

 In a word, sweet. Lover Be Mine worked it's way into my heart a bit. Oh, and thanks First Reads for the book :)

"Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!/ For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night." - Romeo & Juliet, Act 1 Scene 5

Using Romeo & Juliet as the model for their romance (sans the tragedy at the end), Jack lands himself at the ball of a rival family, incognito, to glimpse his would be Juliet - Sophie. This all due to the hijinks of his meddling sister Kate, and equally mischievous cousin Skye who are determined to find each family members forever love.

Though a little farfetched in premise, Lover Be Mine works...unless they're specifically talking about the scheme to model loves after fables and legends, that is a bit too silly when taken seriously, but other than that, it works.

Jack and Sophie develop a real relationship beyond the instant attraction as each of Jack's secrets are revealed. There is lots of dialogue going on in here, though it's not laden with the usual witty banter (although there's a good amount of that, fear not!), but the back and forth that you expect of a couple who are trying to find a way out of a desperate situation.

And then there are the carnal moments, a few that were very breath taking. And really my only real criticism is that there were probably a few too many love scenes (I know, sacrilege!).

All in all, Jack and Sophie's story was a very touching one, with some pulse pounding moments sprinkled in. It was a nice little escape for my rainy Memorial Day. I even read the exerpt from Skye's story which is next and I never read those (I hate a tease!)...and it looks gooood.