Magic Bleeds (Kate Daniels, #4) - Ilona Andrews

This is like, 4.9998 stars...dangerously, precariously close to 5 stars. Oh, what the heck, it's 5 stars


Loved: "As You Wish", which admittedly I did not get right away. I thought the use of the "L" word was a continuity issue and then realized that I was missing an important reference.


Kate & Curran. I adored the direction and the path to the HEA.


Hated:Hate is a strong word. In this case, I would say 'mildly annoyed'. Everything about the writing still feels a little 'today I feel like making the characters do this' or 'today I think our ID badges should have some kind of ID gimmick'.


Overall: I'm just praying that the series doesn't continue just to die a slow, agonizing death (think Sookie Stackhouse). To me, this could have been a great ending and everyone would have been happy...but wait, there's another book?! I hope this doesn't mean forced drama and conflict for the sake of continuing...