Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2) - Ilona Andrews


Loved: Story arc, formula and most importantly, Kate. She reminds me of my favorite female detective, Kinsey Millhone.


Magic Burns spends a lot of time doing other things besides building sexual tension between Curran & Kate. Thank goodness. I like stories with more meat than potatoes...and this book delivers.


The ending battle, rather the culmination of that battle, rocked my socks off.


Hated: Curran's attitude and treatment of Kate and Kate's incessant need to 'give in' and apologize, which feels a bit out of place given her characterization. I don't mind humility in a character, it's usually a plus, but when it's the result of someone elses jerky/chauvinistic behavior, well it's a little weak. Ultimately, Kate's character isn't consistent here.


Word usage...and damn if I'm not pissed off that I returned the book before I got all the notes off my kindle. There are at least several occurances of uncommon words used with no context whatsoever in which to figure out what they meant. That's freakin' annoying. Especially if the rest of the writing is plebeian (see, isn't that annoying?!).


The entire middle of the book was a bit boring and summed up in ONE paragraph of dialogue in explanation to a minor character. 


Overall: The ending was so awesome I immediately read the next book.