My Lord and Spymaster - Joanna Bourne

 Can't believe I finished this...

About half-way through I wondered if this was even written by the same author as The Spymaster's Lady. Things that I thought were charming about her last book were strung out and repeated in this book, but in a much more tiresome fashion.

There are some brilliant characters in this series. Adrian, Doyle, Lazarus. Fun, imaginative, witty characters. Unfortunately, they get little face time because we've got to read about these other two yahoos, Jess and Sebastian.

The dialogue sucks and is sometimes confusing.

Most of the romantic interactions felt very forced and uncomfortable, and sometimes was just plain boring or weird. I never understood exactly why Jess ends up falling in love with Sebastian. For most of the novel she annoyingly accuses him of being the villain.

In fact, I don't even understand how this mystery was even solved since most of the time Jess was exhausted from her hard day of pointing fingers at the one, very wrong, party and then laying in her bed awake trying to sort through why she wants to sleep with him too.

The surprise ending wasn't surprising.

But let me tell you how I really feel...this just wasn't my cup o' tea.