Magic Bites  - Ilona Andrews

Kate. She's the sole reason I kept reading. She's kick-ass. She's bitchy. She's irreverent. I love her.

Vampires are disgusting in Kate's world. I used to be on the whole "vampires are really hawt!" bandwagon, but I got off a while ago.

World building that was decidedly lacking. A little less about all these beasties and a little more about how in the world things like tech waves vs. magic waves work and how supposedly a blood ward is different than elemental ward (these are important concepts in understanding the plot/story). This is a difficult and tricky issue in UF...when you create a world that is so different from reality, than you have to do a bit more explaining so that I can suspend my disbelief.

Curran. He's kind of childish. I don't dig temper tantrums in my men.

Awesome enough after the first 50 pages to continue