Castles - Julie Garwood

 Although it's not a requirement, one will notice that most of the books on my favorite shelf have made me laugh out loud. It's really one of the reasons that I read; I like to laugh, I like to be entertained, I like to smile.

This book did not disappoint in that area. In fact, I've found that I quite enjoy Julie Garwood because of her ability to make me laugh or provide very amusing situations. She also gives us a nice healthy dose of H/Hr action, which is a big plus in my opinion. My favorite scene, hands down, was the dinner scene at Colin's parents London townhouse. So funny.

I loved the entire 'Crown Spies' series by Julie Garwood, enjoyed every one of her characters and did not mind one bit that I had everything figured out in the first fourth of the book. I certainly can enjoy the ride even when I know the destination if it's written well.