Like No Other Lover - Julie Anne Long

If there is one thing that I do not like, it is a catty woman. You know, a woman who gossips about you behind your back, gives you those looks like "you're wearing that", and just generally looks down on you. So imagine my surprise horror when Julie Anne Long seemingly writes a heroine with these qualities.
What!? She's too good for a second son? She's laughing at somebody else's expense? Okay, okay, even though I thought it was funny too, I did feel bad the entire time.
Well, as it turns out, so did Cynthia.
And, thankfully, as it turns out, there are many lovely layers to Cynthia.

Overall I thought this book was good. It didn't have the action/excitement like The Perils of Pleasure, but it did have a wonderful love story, and I suppose that is what a romance novel is all about. I read this genre so that I can get an HEA and I like it tremendously when HEA's aren't perfect. This HEA was not perfect, but it was certainly worthy of the four star rating.

And, when the writing is hot, well, you just can't beat that