The Iron Duke -  Meljean Brook


What did you think?
I think when you *really* like a book, it's difficult to write a review about the book without gushing.
For example, I'd sound really silly saying, "OMG, Mina! She's soooo cool. She, like, is made of pure nerve! And when she
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or when she
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I was, like, floored by her sheer awesomeness!"
How fangirl would I sound if I said this, "I seriously do have a girl crush on Yasmeen. I want to go buy cigarillos and smoke and find some flight goggles and even though she
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], even then, she makes me squee!".
The Iron Duke was so great though. There were many times that I wanted to read aloud and I bored my husband to tears recaping about every thing that lit me up. It's a great mix of adventure, political intrigue and mystery with a side of steamy romance.