Angels' Blood (Guild Hunter, #1) - Nalini Singh
Welp, the first 40% of this book is completely about setting up a relationship between a female vampire hunter and the archangel who wants to/needs to/thinks about killing her. Then it gets better, as in, we dive into an actual plot and are introduced to glitzy secondary characters like our extremely old, albeit extremely sexy vampire head of security and also, a mega bitch archangel. Need I say more?But the last 40 pages? They’re what sold me. I think Nalini Singh is kind of brilliant. She lulled me into ‘meh-land’ with her first 200 pages to lower my expectations, and then she pulled out this awesome ending. She stuffed all her mythology, all her world building and most of her characterization in the last quarter of the book. And sex. This book fairly drips it. Literally, Raphael drips this angel dust and that is one of the sexiest things I’ve read in a while. Not to mention the wings, the eyes, the angel dust…wait, I already said that. Unfortunately, the sexiness is so unbalanced in this book. Raphael = sex god, Elena = bad ass blood hound. Really, of all five of our senses, the most un-sexy is the sense of smell. Poor Elena is strapped with the uncanny and unbelievable ability to sniff out her prey. Hot. Oh well, the angel dust more the makes up for Elena. I’m off to see if my husband can work some glitter.