Wool - Hugh Howey
This is the kind of stuff that totally creeps me out. The psychological stuff that has you second guessing yourself over and over. I get it all wrapped up in my head and start suffocating from the 'realness' of it. Monsters aren't real to me, but humans? Humans are scary. We're complex, sometimes evil, sometimes ambivalant things that do some pretty creppy things to eachother. This is a short dystopian story, the first of an omnibus of five. I've read it was to be stand alone, then read that it was continued becuase of this story's success...in other words, fans wanted more and I can see why!I'm probably in the minority here by saying that I could take this as a stand alone work and would have been content, though I will be reading on. It's not that it the ending was surprising or that I was floored by the dystopian world, but instead I liked the suspense of getting to the end and finding out which way Hugh Howey was going to take his little story, because doesn't every story have to go one way or the other, happily or unhappily? Forget about all those degrees therein, at the end of the day I turn the page to find out: good or bad, right or wrong, happy or unhappy? Hugh Howey kept me turning those pages to discover his secret for sure.