England's Perfect Hero - Suzanne Enoch

 ** spoiler alert ** Wonderfully written.
Robert, who is very emotionally and physically scarred after enduring 7 months of captivity and torture at the hands of a French General, proves to be one of the best written heroes I've read.
It was so good of Suzanne Enoch to allow Robert to heal by his own will and determination rather than have the Heroine 'heal' him. Although Lucinda is pivotal in Robert's desire to be better, other than some very minor involvement like providing cuttings for a rose garden, Bit's will and determination is what ultimately sets him on a return path to himself. Their love story is sweeter for it, as she realizes the man that he is and he places his trust in her along the way.

Maybe because I wanted it to be stellar I inadvertently ruined it a small amount. It wasn't a 5 star favorite for me because it did take a long time to figure everything out, even when it should have been obvious (like Edward mentioning that general Barrett is the one who told Geoffrey of Robert's time at Chateau Pagnon--wasn't that obvious?). So it was a bit slow tying up. That said, the tense ending was fantastic!

I really, really wish that Suzanne Enoch did epilogues. I really loved all these characters and wouldn't have minded stores for Shaw and Andrew and maybe even Edward someday.