In Total Surrender - Anne Mallory
An improvement in composition, but a step backwards in terms of characterization from [b:One Night Is Never Enough|8597576|One Night Is Never Enough (Secrets, #2)|Anne Mallory||13467344]. That said, I have absolute high praise for Andreas. He made this read for sure - his strength, darkness and vulnerability for those few he loves made him a five star hero. It was a bit sigh worthy when he admitted the ache in his chest to Roman, his brother. Anne Mallory wrote him superbly, and he was a real joy. It wasn't that Anne wrote our heroine Pheobe poorly, it was just that she didn't really write her at all -- Pheobe had no real voice in this book, nothing terribly interesting and didn't seem a good match for Andreas' complexity. Their interactions were mostly Andrea's viewed, which made interesting and wrenching but we have no real look into Pheobe's purpose or drive. The plotting and pacing were fair, Anne kept her cards and only revealed them when she was good and ready. I enjoyed the culmination of the revenge plot. I would have liked a bit of an epilogue. The whole story with Christian and what happens with the Paces and everyone else was very neatly wrapped up in two sentences which felt rushed.