Fires of Winter - Johanna Lindsey
At page 51, I stopped and thought to myself "no good can come from this". Lo-and-behold, I was right. No good resulted. Viking/Patriarchal society: Ripe opportunity for many avenues of make-believe romance. Pillaging/murderous Viking falls in love with captive who thaws his cold heart? Strong-independent Celt shows hero that woman are capable of more than rug looming? None of those roads were explored here. There was no romance, no seduction, not really any intelligent/complicated characters. Here's what we have: A.)A whiny brat. Beautiful, true, but annoying as all get out. I actually was rooting for Garrick to beat her. B.)A big Norseman who can't beat his woman when she needs a beating. Also apparently his only talent is hunting, and though he is a Viking for cripes sake, he constantly gets knocked over, bumps his head and is down and out for any big action. Not very hot, dude.There are really too many issues and too little time to count. Let's just say that there's not a good plot here, a lot of holes and character actions that never make sense and feel contrived. Then everything is neatly tied up in the last 3 pages. So, let's just say I didn't like it...sadly. I loved [b:Gentle Rogue|891812|Gentle Rogue (Malory Family, #3)|Johanna Lindsey||3062691] so much! I kept turning pages to see how the mess could possibly be fixed and an HEA found but that is about the only reason I did so.