Gentle Rogue (Malory Novels) - Johanna Lindsey

I started to read this book *despite* the horrid cover, even though the cover was enough to make me pick up and put down the book twice. I had to try really hard not to picture Captian Malory as a Fabio look-alike and forge my own vision of him. Blech. And don't get me started on that woman on the cover who looks know what she looks like!!

Here's the cover from the copy I read:

Gentle Rogue Cover


I digress.


The important thing is that I read the book. And really, that's all I need to say; the important thing is the book. Really, my own surprise that I enjoyed this book so much probably elevated the stardom. Within the first 30 pages, I was pretty sure this book was so out-dated and out classed by more contemporary works that I was already mentally noting the things that I would note as annoying.


Needless to say, I've pretty much forgotten what I was going to write...oh wait, there is one: Come on! At 22 she doesn't know how it feels to be turned on?! I hate it when writers do that. And worse is calling it nausea. It's not even remotely like that since nausea is generally unpleasant. Although...his cure for her ailment was both unexpected and perfectly timed.


Okay, but other than that I found some little gem in Gentle Rogue (oh yeah, the other thing that drove me batty... why in the world is this book titled "Gentle Rogue"!?), Captain Malory was so clever, that nothing, absolutely nothing got by him. I think this was the first book where the hero might actually be more clever than the heroine. Don't get me wrong, I didn't think that Georgie was whimpy, simpering or stupid. It was just that he was SO everything, he kinda eclipses her. Which is fine, it is fiction afterall. And he was humbled by proclaiming his love to the entire harbor, so there's that ;)


Condescending never seemed so steamy. I caught myself smiling with every 'George' Capt Malory uttered. I can't even get to the pirate pants and earring parts...I'm salivating. Too fun, I must read the others now.


*I originally read this because I wanted to find a good pirate romance, but on second thought, love at sea sounds like a HORRIBLE idea - the sweat, the rocking, the sickness, the stale old food. Duh.*