Worth Any Price - Lisa Kleypas

All I can really say is that I really loved this read. It was very close to my favorite shelf...

There were some issues with the character development of Nick Gentry...I'm not sure I totally understood his insta-attraction as it was explained, but it sure as heck didn't keep me from falling for the handsome devil.

There was a wane in actual plot towards the middle where it was nothing but coupling and this was probably the closes thing to erotica that Lisa Kleypas has written. But the steamy scenes were not boring or predictable as they can become when you have more than one or two in a novel.

(view spoiler)[Ummm...can you say tantric lovemaking?? (hide spoiler)]

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Although there is some criticism that the development of true love between the characters was lacking, I don't see that as so. For someone who has been deeply scarred and has an issue with intimacy and touch, the healing power of that very thing is great and makes up for lack of dialogue or action otherwise.

Overall it was a sigh-worthy book, and when I closed the cover I was very pleased with my time spent.