Lady Sophia's Lover - Lisa Kleypas

A great improvement over Someone to Watch Over Me. In general, it seems like each of the LK books I read are quite predictible. The climatic reveal to each plot is hardly ever a surprise to me. The fact that this does not bother me in the least means I have to give huge props to LK. I always devour her books. Lady Sophia's Lover was no different.

The second installment of the Bow Street Runners series was richer than the first with the addition of Nick Gentry and the subtle mystery of the unknown benefactor. Certainly there were steamy scenes that were anything but run of the mill.

One of my favorite things about LK is that she does not write heroines who do a great deal of waffling. I am soundly anti-waffle. For this reason it was so nice to read Lady Sophia's journey to love.