Iced - Karen Marie Moning

** spoiler alert ** I loved it.
I hated it.

Why can a book evoke both feelings at once?

There's Ryo & Dani. Yes, I said Ryo and Dani under the assumptive heading of "I loved it". Because I did. I can take their relationship at face value, and at face value Dani is a 14 year old superhero badass and Ryodan is, well, one of the 9 so glean from that as much as you can about what he is, but mostly he's just a badass.

The fact that Dani is 14 in this book does not bother me one iota. Because, here's the thing, I do not read 14 year old Dani through the lens of ANY 14 year old that I know. Dani has been through, seen and done things that most adults could not even fathom, and came through it beautifully (glowy even) and is still such a kick ass chick. So, she's able to handle herself, and very very self-assured. As far as the sex and Dani conversation goes, Dani even says that she'll give it up when she's good and ready. 'Nuff said. I don't get where people get all skeeved out about this. But I guess that I'm of the camp that age is just a number. Who you are, what you do and what you're capable of is far more important.

I find the male attentions in this book to be tactfully written, where everyone acknowledges that she's young but understands that she's amazing. I can dig that. I say 'male attentions' which really turns out to be a lot of peacocking, nothing real or concrete happens in this arena. We don't even know who the real romantic interest is by the end of the book...

Which leads me to Ryodan. What I have to say is a bit of fan-girl nonsense, but Ryodan better pick his balls up off the floor because if I read about another 'campfire cuddle time', I might just slit my wrists.

And that brings me to the "I hated it" otherwise known as Ryo and Jo. Jo. A women who has no voice in this book. She may be the fierce sidhe-seer of Shadowfever, but we wouldn't know from this book. She's portrayed as weak and starry-eyed and really, well, naive herself. Perhaps that's just Dani's voice, I don't know.

I hope, hope, that Ryodan's motivation with Jo is purely because Dani walks in on them 'boinking'. I pray that the only reason he pursues this sissified 'relationship' (when we ALL know that these men do NOT have relationships!!!) is because Ryodan is just trying to prove something to Dani, whether it be that he's showing he's capable of a relationship, providing a model of a give and take, or that he's simply trying to make her jealous -- okay, whatever! Just please don't let it be because he actually likes Jo, b/c that's just cruel. To me, the reader. I don't care about Jo, I care about me. And I want Ryodan for Dani.

At the end of the day I trust KMM, so I'll have to just stand on that truth, a little wobbly, and try to keep my lip from quivering.