The Serpent Prince - Elizabeth Hoyt
Curse you Elizabeth Hoyt for never writing an Epilogue!!So it didn't knock my socks off. I didn't swoon, laugh or leak from the eyes. In fact, it really didn't get interesting until page 167 or somewhere about there. In fact, Simon was perhaps difficult to even like. Between his red pumps and silly, flowery flattery and 'demons' (which are just vaguely explained) it's hard to find anything about him that's really likeable. Overall, I felt this book suffered some of what The Leopard Prince suffered...the characters were just a bit flat, a little obvious, and while scandalous in some ways, pretty predictable. Also, the periphery characters in this book are much richer than the mains. Henry (gorgeous valet), Christian (young, handsome devoted friend), Patricia (opinionated and desperate), Rosalind (utterly ruined and heartbroken, but has a lovely & funny daughter)...etc.Did I say I could have used an Epilogue?!