Silk Is For Seduction - Loretta Chase

A lot of flowery speech about dressmaking, suggesting that a dress is the pentultimate woo factor of men. If you have a beautiful dress, than you can have everything.

And that's the thing, just as a dress is superficial, I found this story superficial.

Their class divide was such a problem, to begin with it was hard to swallow that they'd over come it.

(view spoiler)[Painting Clevedon as eccentric happened way to far in the book to be believable. None of his previous actions were eccentric? (hide spoiler)

(show spoiler)

]. There were other problems too, plot lines that were not clearly thought through or finished (Charlie? Lucie's illness? how the royals were involved?). I was disappointed with the resolution to Mrs. Downs, very anti-climatic.

I just thought it was a mess.