Delirium  - Lauren Oliver

I just have to put some thoughts down, namely the thought that this story is beautiful. I didn't even like every aspect of it, but I couldn't stop reading it. I did something in this book that I may have never done before....skipped to the end to find out what happens. I couldn't take it - I haven't been this emotionally involved in characters in a long time. I was deeply involved; heart hurty, wet eyed, breath holding involved.


And that is what makes this book so good, the story itself. I could do without the lengthy prose, though it was pretty and Lauren Oliver is very talented. I just don't like to wade through tons and tons of it...I found myself skimming through paragraphs and pages a lot. The world building feels very Hunger-games-ish with the electrified fence that is a lie and raids and such. But the concept was certainly fresh and new to me.


In the end, I loved it, there I said it.


That being said, the reason why I gave it three stars vs. five stars where some implausibilities that made some of the story unbelievable. The dog bite for one (how could you hide, explain a chunk of your leg missing? No matter, it is neither hidden or explained) and the visit to the crypts, or rather, Alex's repeated visits to the crypts despite people watching all the time - how could that not be construed as love?