Three Nights with a Scoundrel - Tessa Dare

I will probably go back and change what I have to say about this book later. I really want to rate this 5 stars, but the surprise ending sort of leaves me...sad. I suppose this is what happens when a subplot of your book is a murder, but the resolution wasn't quite as satisfying as I really needed it to be, although when can you truly have an HEA with a death?


Tessa Dare is certainly putting modern issues in historical settings and for the most part I really praise her for it. Unfortunately, her modern take of a subplot really overshadowed the beautiful love stories she told and the climatic resolution is all I think about> I find myself debating whether or not I liked the ending.


Which is really too bad because Lily & Julian's story is really lovely, and both are extremely likeable and complex. Lily's intelligence and wit really shine and we believe that Julian possess the same though there is no evidence to the fact...which is funny since he is supposedily known throughout the ton as a humorous character. We just believe Tessa Dare when she says that he is, and in my opinion, that's the mark of excellent writing.


I look forward to reading Tessa's next book on my list. She's surprised me twice thus far with plot twists that I'm not entirely accustomed to in this genre. Bravo! :)