Sugar Daddy - Lisa Kleypas

 Despite the fact that I'm not attracted to reading about cowboys or Texans in the least (no offense Texas), I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which reads like a novel moreso than a Kleypas romance. I'm not very tenured in the genre of romance, or rather contemporary romance, so it was a fun experience for sure.

I very much enjoyed Liberty and her strength - and in some ways I was able to relate as my youngest sister was born when I was 16. I completely identified with the instant connection she had with her newborn baby sister. It never ceases to amaze me when someone can pen the condition of the human heart so well, and Lisa Kleypas is wonderful at doing just that, which made this book warm and endearing and utterly fun to read.

I've read reviews that state they didn't like the direction that the story took, when so much time and devotion was layed into Hardy. I found that part to be so rich and new that I liked that part, or rather LOVED the change of direction. It was strangely satisfying that every thing wasn't as played out as you might expect.

My only minor complaint is that I'm not sure I like the first-person writing. That being said, I understand how it does work here. There were moments in this book that were just heartbreaking, and they were just happening to Liberty. The first person POV requires the reader to really stay with her and her story. It seemed entirely necessary to the evolution of the journey. If we had a moment of release a look into someone elses priveleged life, or someone else chasing their dreams, I'm not sure we would have been as intrigued and sympathetic to Liberty...I think I'm a little ADD sometimes and am easily distracted.