First Grave on the Right - Darynda Jones

 Charley Davidson (yes, even her name is a joke) is a badass PI and grim reaper, with a sense of humor. Her snarkiness is appreciated by some, despised by others both the living and the dead alike.

I liked her. I didn't love her.

She was just too funny sometimes. Like, I started skipping over some of her funny, skimming it much like one would skip over rambling descriptions of evergreen forests or the umpteenth sex scene that wasn't hot.

The good news about Charley is that I did love her wacky ability which landed her in the middle of a mystery, during a week where everyone takes a shot at trying to kill her (no pun intended), and when the literal man of her dreams decides to make a more...corperal...appearance.

All in all, good fun and a couple of true LOL moments that were written well.